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Treating Head Lice At Home

PicNit is here to help you or your family, even when we don't provide professional head lice removal for you. Our goal is to get your family lice free and comfortable again. I've included a few helpful guidelines when treating head lice at home.

  • We recommend purchasing lice treatment at PicNit to begin with the best tools available. Call before you stop by the clinic or order a kit from our online store.

  • Thoroughly comb out all head lice, nits and shell casings from the hair. Stopping early is never a successful plan.

  • Check the hair using your professional nit comb for 10 days from the first date of treatment. If you find a bug, you need to treat again. Nits were likely left behind and have now had time to hatch.

  • Prevent head lice going forward. Braids or buns along with PicNit head lice prevention products are the very best choice. Head lice don't jump or fly, but use the hair as a bridge to climb from one head to another. Hair tied back is a must if hair contact is likely at school or work.

I hope you find this simple guide helpful! If you need additional advice or simply want us to complete a professional head lice removal or exam, call us! 402.504.0550

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