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We have the best clients at our lice clinic!  Take a look at a few testimonials and plenty more on Google, Facebook and Yelp!  We hope these ease your mind and give you confidence to reach out to us for help!

"This place was absolutely the best, I was having the worst 2 days of my life and they turned it all around in a matter of minutes. They were very friendly and informative and made my day. I would highly recommend them to help take care of your problem. Thumbs up to them."

"When my girls had live lice after two chemical treatments and combings, Picnit was there to help me with a new plan of attack, on sunday night no less. I went in to purchase the lice treatment to do at home, They had me sit down and demonstrated on my hair exactly how and what to do at home so I would be successful treating my family. Full of positive energy, compassion and support I felt less "icky" about the whole situation walking out of the clinic, armed yes with a few products, but more importantly armed with knowledge and techniques to be successful."

"As a hairstylist, I was terrified that I had contracted lice. I wasn't sure what to do. I saw Picnit advertised and decided to give her a call. She squeezed me in the same day and was the KINDEST woman I have ever met. Super caring and assured me it was fine. She did an examination on me and was very thorough. Luckily I didn't have anything but was SO relived she was there to assure me. What an incredible lady, and incredible resource for family's."

"This place is seriously a godsend! My daughter just experienced her first case of lice and I was in a complete panic. I heard about Pic Nit through my sister in law and had to give it a try! The place was family friendly and very clean!! Sandy and Nicole are phenomenal and so personable! They truly gave me piece of mind walking out of that place knowing my daughter was lice free! We even get to come back in a week for a free recheck! Thank you, thank you, Thank you Sandy and Nicole for putting my mind at ease!"

"...Thank God, my daughters school secretary recommended this clinic to us. Lice can be expensive folks. Some lice removal companies will charge around 700$ to just come to your home to get the job done. Not this place. It cost $20 per person to check to see if you have it. Thank God..(this put all my worries away at the start of visit after finding out I did not catch it.) It cost 150$ per child (if hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail) to remove all lice on the spot guaranteed. The cool thing about this flat 150$ fee is that it does not matter how long your hair is or how thick it is. The price will not go any higher than that and they will not charge you per hour! (The price is lower if you cannot put your hair into a ponytail but I do not remember what it was.) Mermaids do not fear! You will not have to pay an arm and a leg just to get help..."

"Such a life saver! We've been struggling with lice for months and could not get rid of it. Service was outstanding, you won't find a sweeter woman on earth! The cost included treatment,shampoo and a follow up. I'm happy to report we are lice free! I can finally stop cleaning the house daily! Thank you Sandy! My kids love you and so do I!"

"We were travelling across several states to take my son to college and in the car discovered that he had lice. I was so grateful to find PicNit. Sandy is a wonderful person- extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She made what might be considered an unpleasant experience of lice removal very comfortable, and not a big deal at all.(as it turned out-I had it too!) Her salon is bright and cheerful and the products she uses are gentle and actually smell pretty good. I can't say enough good things about this business!"

"Fantastic owner with professional training in an extremely clean and inviting space. For a place you never expect or want to be, PicNit is a very welcoming, kid friendly and safe environment. Sandy is exceptional and I was so grateful for her expertise. If you or anyone in your family has been exposed to human head lice, a check with Sandy is not only re-assuring, but inexpensive as well. She is truly a kind soul to provide this service! I highly recommend her!"

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