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How To Prevent Head Lice: Bun or Braid and SPRAY!

Lice prevention is the most frequent question I receive. The best advice I have for you is a short list of suggestions. In short, control what you can control. Don't stress out over everything else. Just do what you can.

  1. If hair is long enough, wear a bun or braid when you're interacting with others. Head lice do NOT jump or fly. Your hair acts as a bridge for lice to crawl to your head. Reduce that risk by wearing a bun or braid.

  2. Use prevention spray. Of course our favorite is PicNit Detangling Spray & Natural Head Lice Repellent. Using spray along with wearing a bun or braid really reduces your risk of getting head lice.

  3. For those working high contact jobs, sharing cloth desk chairs, head phones etc- bring a sticky lint roller and wipes to work. Use the lint roller to roll your clothing before getting into your car and heading home. Or if you know you've had contact with an individual with head lice, take a private moment to roll your clothing. Use wipes to wipe down head phones before you use them during your shift.

There you have it! Let us know if we can help with any other prevention questions. 402.504.0550


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