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Why Use PicNit® Professional Lice Removal Service?

Head lice is overwhelming.  The amount of advice, prescriptions, natural remedies and OTC products do not make the experience any less chaotic! Here are a few facts to consider when making the best lice removal decision for you or your family:

1. PicNit® provides non-toxic lice and nit removal.  You clean your house once to remove head lice risk.  We provide factual advice for house cleaning and lice prevention.  You do zero combing. 

2. The most popular prescription has a success rate posted of 76.1% and 71.4%.  A nit comb is not included.  4oz per person is the maximum individual dose. Instructions claim no combing is needed.  Prices range from $115-$350 USD.

3. Natural home remedies including mayonaise, olive oil, vinegar, listerine etc require nit combing every 2-3 days for 3 weeks.  Laundry and house cleaning must also be done during this 3 week timeframe, along with lice exams on all family members to make sure head lice is not spreading.

4. OTC lice treatments containing pyrethrins or permethrin are not effective.  They were recently likened to a placebo.  42 out of 50 states have super lice.

We hope this helps you make the best lice removal decision for you or your family!

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