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Let's talk head-to-head contact

Head lice is exhausting and costly, no doubt about it! I am often asked how an individual gets head lice. That answer is head-to-head contact. It is hands down the biggest way to get head lice. As children grow and socialize, contact with others happens more often. It can be as simple as playing together with a cousin, neighbor, sibling, friend or classmate. It is typically from someone in your inner circle.

Head lice spreads very easily from head-to-head contact and discouraging children from having relationships is not the answer. The best solution is communication. Talk with your child's teacher, parents of friends and your family members if you find head lice. Silence only brings head lice full circle, repeatedly.

There isn't a magic wand for 100% prevention, but there are a few key things you can do to reduce the chances of getting lice. Talk to your children about the exposure to head lice from group selfies, snap chat, sharing head phones or ear buds, hair brushes and hair ties. Try to stick with up-do's such as buns and braids and pick up a bottle of PicNit Detangling Spray & Natural Head Lice Repellent.

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