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Removing Lice Nits

Removing lice nits (eggs) is quite a task!  Most of our clients come see us when they are at their wits end with nit picking!  If you notice lice and nits in your hair or your child's hair, come see us!  We will take care of those pesky lice and nits in one treatment!  For those who really want to battle this alone, I've included a few helpful tips.  Always feel free to call us with questions too!  We are here to help.

Removing Lice Nits: (Instructions for egg removal only)

  • Purchase a good nit comb.  I recommend the PicNit® Nit-Free Terminator comb. (I do sell this at my clinic for $15 and in my online shop.)

  • Get a white towel or paper towel ready for wiping off the comb.

  • Apply PicNit® Lice Treatment before combing

  • Clip hair into 4 quadrants. Work through one quadrant at at time.  Using one inch sections, comb through the hair.

  • Be sure to angle the comb against the scalp.

  • Comb each section from all 4 directions- top, bottom, left and right sides.

  • Wipe off the comb after each pass through the hair.

  • Once you've gone through the entire head, rinse and wash the hair.

  • After the hair is dry, check for any remaining nits.

  • Remaining nits need to be picked out using your index fingernail and thumb.  Use latex gloves (rubber gloves painfully pull out hair) or your bare hand.

  • Be prepared to spend 1.5 to 3 hours per person for this task, depending on length and thickness of hair and quantity of nits.

If this sounds like more than you bargained for, call us! We will do the lice removal for you. 402.504.0550. We have in clinic experience since 2016 and make lice removal look easy.

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