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"Notice for Parents-Head lice has been reported in your child's class" .....

Noooooo! Not the dreaded letter we all fear seeing in our child's backpack. No, no-no-no-no!! "What now? What do I do?" First, give your child a thorough check for head lice. Look closely near the scalp using a comb and 1 inch sections of hair. Just because your child isn't itching doesn't mean they don't have it. If your lice hunting skills aren't super sharp, call us! We will happily set up an appointment with you.

If you see nits (eggs) close to the scalp or lice, it's time to choose your treatment plan. Be sure to notify your school, care center and any friends/family that have recently been in contact with your child. It's not the most exciting phone call you'll ever make, but it is extremely important to family and the community in order to stay on top of it.

If you are fortunate enough to escape this round of head lice, there are a

few things you can do to help keep it that way.

1. Spray, Bun/Braid=Best prevention. PicNit Detangling Spray & Natural Head Lice Repellent is amazing!

2. If your child has a shared locker or coat hooks, have your child roll up their coat and place it inside their back pack.

3. Do not share hats, scarfs, ear buds, head phones or hair accessories

4. Use a daily non-toxic head lice preventative spray, such as PicNit® Detrangling Spray & Natural Head Lice Repellent

Be sure to contact us with any head lice questions: 402-504-0550

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