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Lice Prevention

If you’ve experienced head lice, you don’t want to experience it again. If you haven’t experienced head lice, it’s certainly not on your bucket list of must-do’s! Here are a few things adults and children can do to reduce head lice exposure. *Do not share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, helmets, pillows, blankets, or clothes. * Use your own headphones at work or at school. If you have to wear a headset for work, wipe it down before you put it on. * If you or your child don’t have an individual coat locker at the office or school, place your coat inside your bag or backpack. This will help limit contact with other coats. Do not buy fur covered, hooded coats. Lice can easily hang onto them. * Spray PicNit® Detangling Spray & Head Lice Repellent on your hair and wear a Bun or Braid when you or your child plan to be around others. (School, birthday parties, daycare, etc.) Pick up a bottle of PicNit® Detangling Spray & Head Lice Repellent at our Omaha lice clinic or 

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