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The skinny on head lice, super lice and our one stop shop solution

The truth is....every family is  at risk to the spread of head lice and super lice.  The moment you discover it has come into your home, shear overwhelm takes hold.  You immediately race to the store and begin reading label after label, hoping to goodness you picked "the one" that will deliver a miracle.  You are not alone.  The CDC estimates 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States.  Head lice is most common among school aged children.  And folks, you will likely have it too from loving up on those cute little boogers. 

Frustrating truth is that most over the counter solutions only kill the adult lice.  The nits (eggs) are left attached to the hair and very much viable.  The product requires you treat everyone again in approximately  7 days when they hatch.  "Say what?"  Yes, you treat twice per person....or more.   Seriously, skip the daunting task of multiple treatments, days of combing and lots of tears.  PicNit® Professional Lice Clinic, LLC has the one stop, one treatment solution.  Our product takes care of both lice AND nits in one treatment.  It works differently than traditional OTC products.  The active ingredient is pesticide and toxin-free. This is something you can feel good about putting on your loved one's heads.  Call us!  We will get you back on track in no time.  Not to mention, we have lots of fun games, books and movies on tablets to help ease your pain.

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